Licensed as CVTs

Licensed Vocational Training Centers provide citizens over 16 years old with training in professions from List of Professions for Vocational Education and Training that are from EQF level 2 to 4.

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training performs current and periodic monitoring on the CVTs about fulfillment the requirements and presenting information.

(adopted by the Management board of NAVET, Protocol № 4/18 September 2013, amended and supplemented with Protocol № 5/16 November 2016, updated with Protocol № 1/20 February 2019, Protocol № 6/04 .12.2019 and Protocol № 02 / 01.07.2020. The procedure is approved by Order № RD -08-51 / 07.07.2020 of the Chairman of NAVET eng. Emiliana Dimitrova)
The follow-up control on the economic activity of the licensed centers for vocational training (CVTs) is carried out in accordance with art. 49c of the Vocational Education and Training Act (VETA) and in accordance with the Act Restricting Administrative Regulation and Administrative Control over Economic Activity – Chapter Three.
The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) exercises follow-up control on the fulfilment of the established requirements of maintaining economic activity for which the CVTs have received a license. The follow-up control is current and periodic and is carried out under the conditions and by order, determined by law and the Regulations for the activity of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET).
The follow-up control according to art. 49c, para. 1 of VETA is focused on checking the business activity of the CVTs regarding:
1. The fulfillment of the requirements under art. 49a, para. 2 of VETA:
• ensuring quality and effective conduction of vocational training, including by internal system for quality assessment and maintenance;
• resource provision – facilities and human resources, which guarantee quality professional training.
2. The information presented under Art. 22, para. 8 of the VETA;
3. Implementation of the provision of art. 50, para. 4 of the VETA.
The control is current and periodic and is carried out under conditions and by order, determined in art. 49 c, para. 1, sentence two of VETA and the regulatations of NAVET.
The follow-up control on the fulfillment of the requirements of VETA and the performance of activities for professional training and/or validation of professional knowledge, skills and competencies obtained by non-formal training or informal learning in accordance with the conditions of the obtained license is carried out by officials (experts) from NAVET, determined by order under Art. 48, para. 3 of VETA Chairman and is based on Art. 49c, para. 2 of VETA.

1. Gathering information about the activities of CVTs through various methods:
• review of documents and information for vocational training and/or validation procedures through the information system of NAVET (IS);
• on-site inspection at CVTs;
• verification through the IS of NAVET – verification of documents for current and completed vocational training courses and/or current or completed validation procedures;
• surveys, interviews with VET staff, trainees, training and/or validation contracting authorities, persons involved in validation procedures, lecturers, etc .;
• evaluation of the achieved results, established good practices or some irregularities / problems in the work process of CVTs.
2. Assisting the center in the improvement of its activities through prescriptions with recommendations.
3. Ensuring publicity and transparency of the findings.

1. to ensure the fulfillment of the requirements assessed in the licensing process, as well as following the conditions of the license;
2. to identify the strengths in the work of the center;
3. to identify problems, gaps and weaknesses which need improvement.

● Published on 09.06.2015 ● Last edit 03.08.2021●