Information day for VET activities of Erasmus+ programme

NAVET representatives participated in the information day, held at Human Resource Development Centre in accordance with the task for popularization of good practices in applying ECVET in Bulgaria and the Erasmus+ potentials, on November 21, 2019.

The event was opened by MsVasyaArsenova – the Secretary General of Human Resource Development Centre. A huge interest was shown in the presentations about successful models of horizontal and vertical education permeability and about the relation between ECVET and ECTS. The presented in detail examples by Assoc. Dr Preslav Dimitrov from South-West University” NeofitRilski”, Trayko Stoykov from Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy, and Malinka Marinova from Vocational School Of Tourism Aleko Konstantinovin Pleven, created a discussion about the possibilities to expand the scope of these activities in future.

Mr Kiril Zhelyazkov from Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce presented the results from meetings, held during the last few years, among ECVET community on a regional level. MsLiliyaElenkovapresented the potentials related to the tools for mobility of students at VET schools.

The National ECVET expertMs Antoaneta Voykovapresentedthepossiblescenariosfor VET development until 2035, as follows:

  • Pluralistic scenario, emphasizing strongly on the life-long learning;
  • Typical scenario, scoping the working and professional competences;
  • Marginalized VET (with a special purpose) – with a priority on work-based learning;

The audience, having a positive attitude to the increasing importance of VET in all spheresof public life, kept up with the idea that VET development would include elements of the three scenarios.

● Published on 25.11.2019 ● Last edit 18.03.2020●