National ReferNet conference

On 12.11.2020, during the European vocational skills week, the National conference “European dimensions in vocational education and training” was held with large number of participants.

The conference is organized as a part of the events, organized by European network for exchange of experience in the field of vocational education and training ReferNet, whose representative for Bulgaria is NAVET.

The event was opened by eng. Emiliana Dimitrova, Chairperson of NAVET. In her welcoming words, Ms. Dimitrova focused on the two important events for NAVET this year – the jubilee 20th anniversary of NAVET and the selection of the Agency as a National focal point for the Fifth European vocational skills week.

The participants in the conference presented the achievements of vocational education and training, interesting research data, analyzes and reports.

The role and activities of the European center for development of vocational training (CEDEFOP) and the European network for exchange of experience in vocational education and training were presented at the conference.

Ms. Radosveta Drakeva, team leader, presented how information (reports, analyzes, good practices, research) on VET systems in European countries can be found on the CEDEFOP website. Ms. Vanya Tividosheva from the Ministry of education and science showed a presentation on “Digital transformation in the context of COVID-19 – challenges for VET in Bulgaria.” Ms. Svetla Petrova presented results from the international assessment of students PISA-2018 and an interesting data on financial literacy. Ms. Irina Dimitrova from NAVET noted the results of international projects in which NAVET is a partner, and Ms. Asenka Hristova presented the data for Bulgaria from the European skills index.

Mrs. Gergana Rakovska from the Business foundation for education demonstrates the possibilities of a platform for career guidance of young people.

The event continued with discussion focused on the challenges facing VET this year and  reflection of the opportunities for quality assurance in the system in new changing conditions.

● Published on 13.11.2020 ● Last edit 09.02.2021●