Project name: Project № 101076217 Roadmap for training and qualification on the implementation of intelligent energy-efficient solutions in buildings in Bulgaria until 2030 (BUILD UP Skills Bulgaria 2030)

build up

Call: LIFE-2021-CET

Duration: 01.10.2022 – 31.03.2024 (18 months)
Main aims:

The project is a continuation of the previous initiative of the same name (2011-2013), which led to a number of changes in the state educational standards in the construction sector, offering an integration of the efforts of those involved in the construction sector and the national education system. Its leading objective is to support the improvement of the knowledge and skills of construction professionals and workers to build zero-carbon buildings in line with the expected amendments to the directives on energy efficiency (COM/2021/558 final), the energy performance of buildings (COM(2021) 802 final), and renewable energy sources (COM/2021/557 final) under the Fit-for-55 legislative package.

Within the framework of the project, the National Platform for Dialogue will be restored to form the basis of a comprehensive process for consultation and interaction of all participants in the field of construction and related professional training (professional associations and chambers, associations of manufacturers in the industry, centers for vocational training, public authorities, etc.). A detailed investigation of the current situation will be conducted and on the basis of this research, a National Roadmap for training and qualification on the implementation of intelligent energy efficient solutions in buildings in Bulgaria until 2030 will be prepared, which will then be proposed for endorsement by the responsible institutions and interested parties, with the corresponding commitments for the implementation of the specific set of measures and tasks.


Consortium partners:

Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect – coordinator

National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET)

Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA)

Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC)

Bulgarian Association for Construction Insulation and Waterproofing (BACIW)

● Published on 02.11.2022 ● Last edit 02.11.2022●