State educational standards – a professional tool at the vocational education and training system

The state educational standards developed by experts of professional fields together with NAVET experts, are based on the Recommendation of the European Parliament and the Council on the establishment of the European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET). Therefore, the state educational standards are developed in “units of learning outcomes” which makes the standards a useful and professional tool for:
 Validation of knowledge, skills and competences;
 Implementation of a unified approach on knowledge, skills and competences evaluation;
 Development of training programmes, curriculum and methods of training;
 Credit transfer in vocational education and training (VET) system;
 Information for the competences needed for acquiring qualification in professions in the VET system, and for all stakeholders;
The state educational standards promulgated in the State Gazette for the last few months, are all developed in compliance with article 13a of the Law on vocational education and training, including the requirements for the applicants, description of the profession, units of learning outcomes, requirements for the facilities and requirements for the teachers. Precisely are described the types of unites of learning outcomes on the general, branch and specific professional training, as well as the needed knowledge, skills and competences for realization in the specific professional field.
Some of the state educational standards promulgated in the State Gazette for the last few months, may be observed below:
1. Hairstylist
2. Manicurist pedicurist
3. Social assistant
4. Mechanic of electronic equipment
5. Internet application organizer
6. Office manager
7. Graphic designer
8. Computer graphic artist
9. Modiste
10. Assistant educator
11. Construction assistant 
12. Construction technician

● Published on 17.07.2020 ● Last edit 17.07.2020●