Strengthening the correspondence between the skills and the requirements of the labor market in Bulgaria

On the beginning of December new report was published on the Cedefop website, dedicated to the prediction of professional skills and the extent to which they meet the requirements of the labor market in Bulgaria.

The study is part of Cedefop’s skills program, launched in 2016, to support Member states in strengthening their in-depth skills research policies and systems. Under this program, reviews are conducted to identify country-specific challenges and to provide informed political support to relevant governments, in close line with national policy priorities and in interaction with key national authorities and stakeholders. The reviews use a specially developed methodology and analytical framework to analyze the management of skills anticipation and comparison in the national context and to identify potential opportunities for development in the future.

One of the conclusions of the report is that Bulgaria has developed a clear potential for reducing skills gaps through a better link between VET systems and the labor market. The report also identifies progress towards the EU’s new political priorities for the coming years. The second building block of the New skills agenda, launched in 2020, emphasizes the role of skills research as a basis for improvement and retraining and emphasizes the importance of inclusive, and holistic government approaches in shaping national skills strategies.

The report’s methodology includes presenting the views of all stakeholders on the current  challenges to the subject of the study, identifies development opportunities and proposes a policy roadmap with several concrete actions. The roadmap focuses on specific actions that can be taken over the next few years and identifies specific stakeholders responsible for each action.

The full text of the publication can be found at the following address:

● Published on 15.12.2020 ● Last edit 09.02.2021●