H-CARE: “Launching of Sector Skills Alliance for Training & Apprenticeship of Health Care and Food Supplements Salespersons”

лого на проект h-careSub-programme: Leonardo da Vinci
Action: Multilateral Projects for Development of innovation – Sector skills alliances


The fastest growth in Health Care jobs is concentrated in the Health Services field and 19% of all health care job growth from 2004-2014 will be in Health services (Source: BLS, Career Guide to Industries; Health care Jobs Projections from 2004 through 2014).
Following the identified gap between the needs of the market and available, but not relevant, VET courses, the project intends to develop innovative blended training programme for Vocational qualification of a new job profile “Salesperson of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements” targeted to unemployed people (18+) or current employees in the Health Care sales sector.
The surveys of EMA (P2) shows that there is a lack of ICT training materials in that field as well as the importance of the H-CARE EQAVET (bringing together all necessarily skills and knowledge) tool is necessarily innovative. Furthermore this profession does not exist in National Occupational Classification framework of EU countries.
The project will provide national qualification descriptions (by ECVET learning outcomes) and will build them on “Integrated Competencies Framework For Public Health Workforce Development” (promoted on 20.12.2011) and with EQF, so that the existing qualifications in this field will become more transparent and comparable.

Start date: 01 January 2014
End date: 30 June 2016
http://healthcaresales.eu/ – project web-site


Istanbul Regional Educational Directorate, Turkey – Project Coordinator
European Medical Association, Belgium
Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, Romania
BFI National Institute for Vocational Training, Austria
National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Bulgaria
Consultancy company “ZGURA-M”, Bulgaria


Target groups
Unemployed graduate adults (18+) who are seeking employment in the Health Care and Food Supplements sectors;
Current employees at aforementioned sectors who would like to increase their sales skills and competitiveness;
VET trainers and VET training centres;
Trade companies (SMEs) in the field of Health Care.


Expected results

Comparative quantitative and qualitative analysis of the national findings related to training needs and gaps related to the knowledge and competencies of the current and potential HC salespersons;
Executive summary report WP2
H-CARE unified curriculum (ECVET based);

M1. Health Care Introduction & Health prevention recommendations;
M2. EU and National legislative framework
M3. Trading with medical devices and Assistive technologies
M4. Trading with food supplements
M5. Communication & Work with disabled customers
M6. Sales management skills
M7. Entrepreneurship skills
M8. E-commerce
M9. Internship

Multilingual e-learning platform (WCAG 2.0 SCORM compliant);
H-CARE VET training modules ;
H-CARE control tool (EQAVET based);
Occupational core profile of “Salesperson of medical devices, assistive technologies and food supplements”
Consolidated Usability report .


NAVET-Implementation of ECVET and Establishment of linkage with EQF – levels 4 & 5

NAVET-Research and Needs Analysis

WP 2- Need and research analysis




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